In the Wake of The federal government Shutdown, Tiny Organization CEO Asks, 'Does President Donald Trump Hate Modest Business?'

The influence of The federal government shutdown is getting a ripple impact on the economic system and on Compact Business owners, explained PunchFlix CEO Joseph Collins.

Achievements is constructed about the spine of exertions, perseverance and hope. That hope being an American has long been the driving drive for my plight from homelessness to the CEO of PunchFlix, Inc., whilst Functioning to seek the American dream. A desire of monetary results, entrepreneurship and position development for Some others trying to find that same dream. Hope means, Now we have an opportunity!

The united states was created due to immigrants coming to this place in search of a better lifetime. A life of liberty with prospects to make a new planet. From time to time we don’t know the way far the ripples of our decisions go. The federal government shutdown is aquiring a ripple effect on the economic climate felt by hundreds of thousands of usa citizens and compact business people.

The usa’s finest asset is hope! The government shut down is thieving hope from Compact Business people. Established about the theory that The united states may very well be greater and that we'd be afforded the opportunities the Structure assures. A assure which was made by this nation's forefathers, a cacophony of different Thoughts which includes appear jointly to produce the melting pot called The usa.

A person will have to applaud the initiatives of your President to safe our borders. But we have to also problem his strategies. Absolutely there's no difficulty in maintaining America Risk-free. The priority is in the way in which that these endeavours have afflicted hardworking business people which are striving to be Component of a developing overall economy.

Punchflix, Inc. is one of many providers that more info has submitted its paperwork get more info with the Securities Exchange Fee (SEC) to sell stock to upcoming investors, While using the hope of getting the American dream fulfilled. Not only for our firm, but for all kinds of other business people, and traders that find a similar chance for hope.

The SEC is usually a branch of the government which is also a sufferer of the present federal government check here shutdown and it's an awesome obligation with the enlargement of funds marketplaces.

It truly is mysterious if the SEC will qualify our inventory offer, or if investors will invest in our stock offer soon after we are competent, or even though Wall Avenue will acknowledge us. But what we do know, is if the government is up and operating We now have hope.

Hope is definitely the intangible produced tangible!

As a Small Enterprise owner, it is with my utmost problem which i urge Congress & The President of the United States of The united states to reopen government and restore The boldness in the American Aspiration!

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